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Acupuncture, Cupping, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Tui-Na Chinese Massage

Oriental Herbal Medicine, Special CBD Oil


At Plumeria Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine, we use an integrative and holistic approach to address a range of health issues including

  • Women’s health, Infertility
  • Mental health (Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Eating disorder, Insomnia)
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture (Anti-aging, Facial Rejuvenation)
  • Pain management (Neck, shoulder, Back, Joint, Sciatica)
  • Migraine headache
  • Digestive issue
  • Allergy (Chronic, Seasonal)


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東洋医学クリニック in ホノルル, ハワイ

鍼灸、カッピング、美容鍼灸、中国式マッサージ、東洋医学、漢方薬、スペシャルCBD Oil



  • 婦人科系、不妊症
  • 心療内科系(ストレス、鬱、不安神経症、摂食障害、不眠症)
  • 美容鍼灸(アンチエイジング、小顔、リフトアップ)
  • 痛み(肩こり、腰痛、関節痛、首の痛み、坐骨神経痛)
  • 偏頭痛
  • 便秘、下痢、消化器系
  • アレルギー、花粉症


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Acupuncture is a therapy using tiny thin needles to stimulate points on the body to restore balance, alleviate pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance sleep. It also treats internal diseases, infertility, and improve overall well-being. We provide cosmetic acupuncture for rejuvenation and treating acne too. 


~ Traditional acupuncture treats the whole person ~


At Plumeria Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine, we use only high quality, one time use Japanese needles. We care about our clients’ health, safety, and comfort very seriously.




~ This is your safe place ~


Our promise – You will have 100% of our attention in a completely private setting.

It’s your time. It’s your place to heal.

Let us be a part of your healing journey.




Dr. Ayako Mizuno, DAOM, L.Ac 

水野綾子 東洋医学博士 ハワイ州鍼灸師








We don’t treat diseases. We treat people. Please tell us anything that you are concerned about. No problem is too small or too large.






As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mizuno uses an integrative and holistic approach to improve her patients’ overall health. She also provides non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment with an innovative Japanese style.


Chronic issues, acute pains, or symptoms which you have never experienced before. Let’s discuss together and find the best treatment course that fits you.  Age, lifestyle, diet, health history, height, weight, perception…  Everyone is different.


Even if the symptom is the same, the causes are never the same. Even if the cause is the same, the symptoms are never the same. Everyone is unique. You are special. We take time to make your treatment plan customized just for you.


Our happiness is seeing our patients regain their beautiful and happy smiles while transforming to a healthier version of themselves. Let us help you create your happy life!

We are located in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.













Cosmetic Acupuncture:  美容鍼灸



What is your concern? What is your expectation out of cosmetic acupuncture?

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