Cosmetic Acupuncture: 美容鍼灸

What is your concern? What is your expectation out of cosmetic acupuncture?




Our goal is to obtain natural beauty without performing cosmetic surgeries or being treated by chemicals.  Therefore, by restoring and promoting the ability of healing power which we all already have, we will be able to enhance the appearance naturally without applying foreign substances.


Our concept is “No wellness, no beauty.”

Deep wrinkles, loose skin, dullness, swollen face, acne, dryness… Those are the reflection of our imbalance.

We believe “natural beauty = wellness.” Therefore, it is essential to perform general (body) acupuncture along with cosmetic acupuncture in order to treat physical and/or mental imbalance at the same time. If you maintain your wellness, your body will radiate with natural beauty.

Let’s regain your true beauty by restoring and promoting your healing power and wellness!














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